Do Your Homework Then Vote for Jones

Originally published October 13, 2011, The Olympian.

Sherri Goulet—Olympia

Ballots will be arriving on Oct. 20th, and we need the best possible people on the Olympia City Council. It is time to closely scrutinize the candidates so that we make the best possible choices. The voters’ pamphlet and the candidates’ websites are valuable tools to help voters determine candidates’ qualities and qualifications.

Nathaniel Jones is the best candidate for Position 3. He is a solid, stable and ethical person who has given to this community through his work, his church and his many volunteer activities. He is a thinker, a listener, a doer and a consensus-builder with wide-ranging practical experience getting people to agree on what needs doing.

During these challenging times, our citizens need strong, honest and clear-thinking leaders with a “steady as she goes” approach to problem solving.

When you read your voters’ pamphlet, you will see that Jones’ life experiences and career positions make him the ideal candidate for these difficult times. This is such an important decision. I ask you to do your homework and then join me in marking your ballot for Nathaniel Jones.