Nathaniel Jones Will Work With Others

Originally published in The Olympian, October 21, 2011.

Peter Cutler—Olympia

I am writing in support of Nathaniel Jones’ campaign for the Olympia City Council.

I have lived and worked in Olympia for 28 years and had the opportunity to first meet Jones a few years ago. I have been impressed by his thoughtful, open-minded approach to discussing issues and to working with people. Jones has a positive attitude and a genuine willingness to look at issues from other persons’ perspectives. He would bring very valuable experience with state and local government operations to his council role, but his most valuable contribution would be his commitment to working constructively with others.

This commitment would be a welcome addition to the City Council, especially in light of the many difficult budget choices facing the council in the coming years.

I hope the voters of Olympia will take advantage of this opportunity to elect Nathaniel Jones to the Olympia City Council and receive the benefit of his public service in the years to come.