Positive Campaigns

Nathaniel Jones and the Jones Campaign are committed to an open and public discussion of pertinent policy issues and to the presentation of Nathaniel and his opponent’s records truthfully.

Negative campaigns are directly related to decreasing participation rates among voters. We believe that positive electoral processes are the centerpiece of a civil society.

During this campaign cycle, local letters to the editor have spoken negatively of our opponent’s character and style of interaction. Nathaniel and the Campaign Committee have not fostered these actions. We choose to distance ourselves from such strategies and will not permit the use of character defamation to promote an electoral outcome.

We are aware that scurrilous attacks have been used in Olympia politics in the past and we find such actions reprehensible. We are sincere in the desire to change the public’s expectations of the Olympia City Council and we seek to restore respect to the organization.

We absolutely will discuss with sincerity and frankness the issues and the record and policies of the opponent when we believe these merit review, criticism, or analysis.