A Message From Nathaniel

October 28, 2011

Our campaign for Olympia City Council is going strong. Volunteers are out in the streets spreading the word, and the campaign committee continues to operate efficiently and beyond all of my expectations.

Many have expressed concern with The Olympian’s recent endorsement of my opponent. While I am disappointed by the newspaper’s erroneous characterization of the Jones campaign, I am not surprised by their action.

The Olympian has a poor track record with Olympia City Council races.  In the last election, every Olympian-endorsed candidate failed at the polls.  Over the years, The Olympian has repeatedly been on the wrong side of the ballot, and Olympia’s voters have not shared the newspaper’s agenda.  We cannot allow The Olympian’s editorial board to influence the outcome of this election.

This race continues to be the most competitive on the ballot, and it is impossible to predict the winner.  Many have already cast their votes – most have not.  There is still time to reach critical, undecided voters.

I continue to knock on doors out in the neighborhoods every day, but I need your help. Our collective voice can reach so much farther. We have arrived at the deciding moment in this race.  Together, we can put this campaign over the top, and add thoughtful leadership and smart policy to our City Council.

We need a city council that can work together to meet the various challenges of our time.

If you’d like to help out, you can wave signs, write letters, send emails, call friends and family, or hosting voting parties at your home.

We are almost there!

Thank you,

Nathaniel Jones