Olympia’s Future is Bright

Serving on the City Council has allowed me to give back to the community. I’ve found that good input from community members has helped me guide Olympia into the future. Many folks have innovative ideas for our city. We have come through a rough recession and we are emerging to address quite a bit of unfinished business.

I’ve learned a great deal since joining the council. The breadth of the issues I’ve faced has been challenging and invigorating. I have been studying how our city works and I have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to move Olympia forward. I can help make Olympia reflect our ideas of what our city should be.

My colleagues appointed me Mayor Pro Tem when I first took office. I appreciated their strong vote of confidence and I have maintained their support through thoughtful and researched decision making.

I’ve made downtown revitalization a top priority. We’ve brought back the downtown walking patrol and helped fund the Downtown Ambassador Program and Clean Team. We’re cleaning up the Isthmus, we’ve installed good parking meters, we have witnessed the construction of new market-rate housing, and the renovation of The Washington Center. Things are looking up in Downtown Olympia, and we’ve only just begun.

Great things have also happened throughout Olympia. We’ve protected our drinking water by completing the McAllister Wellfield project. Our streetlights have been converted to LED, saving money and energy. Our Shoreline Master Program is complete and ready for adoption. And many neighborhood projects have been completed across the city.

Olympia’s future is bright. It is my goal to build upon Olympia’s strengths to revitalize our community and our economy. I will bring investment to Olympia that is responsible and that honors our commitment to the future. Olympia’s success depends on all parts of the community working well. When our downtown falters, all of Olympia feels the impact. I will bring city resources into focus to invigorate the center of our city.

As important, the benefits of the city will reach people in our neighborhoods by delivering essential services and responding to the distinct character of our residential and commercial areas. Our community businesses are a source of family wage jobs, and quality goods and services. I will help our businesses be successful by working with them to grow Olympia.

Thank you so much for your support. I can’t do this important work without you, and I look forward to serving you for the next four years!


Nathaniel Jones