House of Representatives – 22nd District

Since October I have been working with advisors to explore an election campaign for the 22nd District of the state House of Representatives. The enthusiastic support I have received from all corners of the district has been extraordinary.

I have decided not to run on the 2016 ballot. I am not disappointed in my decision to stay with the City Council; this is not a concession, rather the Council provides the best fit for me at this time. I am excited about serving the City and I am convinced that this is the place where I can be the most effective.

It was only a month ago that Olympia voters reelected me to the City Council. Rebuilding our economy and our community requires local leaders with an understanding of how this region works.

It has been a privilege to work with Stephen Buxbaum and Steve Langer these past four years. With their departure, new energy and new perspectives will move Olympia into the future. I look forward to working with the new Olympia City Council in January.