House of Representatives – 22nd District

Since October I have been working with advisors to explore an election campaign for the 22nd District of the state House of Representatives. The enthusiastic support I have received from all corners of the district has been extraordinary.

I have decided not to run on the 2016 ballot. I am not disappointed in my decision to stay with the City Council; this is not a concession, rather the Council provides the best fit for me at this time. I am excited about serving the City and I am convinced that this is the place where I can be the most effective.

It was only a month ago that Olympia voters reelected me to the City Council. Rebuilding our economy and our community requires local leaders with an understanding of how this region works.

It has been a privilege to work with Stephen Buxbaum and Steve Langer these past four years. With their departure, new energy and new perspectives will move Olympia into the future. I look forward to working with the new Olympia City Council in January.

Olympia’s Future is Bright

Serving on the City Council has allowed me to give back to the community. I’ve found that good input from community members has helped me guide Olympia into the future. Many folks have innovative ideas for our city. We have come through a rough recession and we are emerging to address quite a bit of unfinished business.

I’ve learned a great deal since joining the council. The breadth of the issues I’ve faced has been challenging and invigorating. I have been studying how our city works and I have gained the knowledge and skills necessary to move Olympia forward. I can help make Olympia reflect our ideas of what our city should be.

My colleagues appointed me Mayor Pro Tem when I first took office. I appreciated their strong vote of confidence and I have maintained their support through thoughtful and researched decision making.

I’ve made downtown revitalization a top priority. We’ve brought back the downtown walking patrol and helped fund the Downtown Ambassador Program and Clean Team. We’re cleaning up the Isthmus, we’ve installed good parking meters, we have witnessed the construction of new market-rate housing, and the renovation of The Washington Center. Things are looking up in Downtown Olympia, and we’ve only just begun.

Great things have also happened throughout Olympia. We’ve protected our drinking water by completing the McAllister Wellfield project. Our streetlights have been converted to LED, saving money and energy. Our Shoreline Master Program is complete and ready for adoption. And many neighborhood projects have been completed across the city.

Olympia’s future is bright. It is my goal to build upon Olympia’s strengths to revitalize our community and our economy. I will bring investment to Olympia that is responsible and that honors our commitment to the future. Olympia’s success depends on all parts of the community working well. When our downtown falters, all of Olympia feels the impact. I will bring city resources into focus to invigorate the center of our city.

As important, the benefits of the city will reach people in our neighborhoods by delivering essential services and responding to the distinct character of our residential and commercial areas. Our community businesses are a source of family wage jobs, and quality goods and services. I will help our businesses be successful by working with them to grow Olympia.

Thank you so much for your support. I can’t do this important work without you, and I look forward to serving you for the next four years!


Nathaniel Jones

A Message from Nathaniel

It is now certain that the Nathaniel Jones campaign has won the approval of the voters. So with humility and respect for the electoral process I declare victory in this contest and look forward to the task of representing the people of Olympia as part of a new Council in January 2012.

The Committee to Elect Nathaniel Jones has stayed on message, talking about the significant public policy issues facing our city. We spoke to citizens’ deep-felt concerns for downtown, the meaning of leadership, the value of neighborhood organizations in city planning, and the importance of working regionally to address critical challenges. We acknowledged a worsening budget calamity and the need for a community understanding of the challenges facing our city. We have called for conditions which restore respect for the City Council and which heighten expectations for what the Council can accomplish. We have campaigned calmly and vigorously, with civility. I’m proud of our work.

Our campaign worked hard and we reached many people. We drew volunteers into the local political process who had never participated before. We received a huge number of small contributions. We moved many to participate in something larger than themselves.

And that holds true for the campaign volunteers who took time away from family and other priorities to invest in our community, to do good work, to host a house party or pound in a sign, to write a letter or make phone calls. The Jones campaign volunteers are caring people who have a clear idea of what good governance looks like and are willing to work for it… for the sake of our community and its future.

My personal journey through this campaign has been thrilling. I have learned so much about the people who make up our community. I have a new appreciation and respect for our citizens. We are blessed with bright, caring, and resilient people who believe that they can make a difference. Even though Olympia is facing huge challenges and those challenges will frustrate us for many years to come, I am more optimistic now than I was when I started this run for office.

As I look forward, I see a new paradigm for the Olympia City Council, a new understanding of what leadership means. I see a Council which has found new ways to work together, new ways to engage the public, and new ways to work regionally. With this election we have changed the public’s expectations of what is possible; we have laid the framework for better governance and a better City of Olympia. We will build upon our strengths, protect our beautiful natural setting, cleanup and reinvest in our downtown, and support our small local businesses. We will face our challenges, and we will meet them.

It is clear to me that Olympia’s bright future will not result from the actions of just a few council members and a few City staff who will decide what happens next. Quite the contrary, we will only succeed with broad public engagement and input. This great city will be in a position for success when citizens are convinced that their investment of time and energy matters; that the city is listening and acting on the will of the people, that public input will become public policy.

I am humbled by the trust which has been placed in me as one of Olympia’s newest council members. I am filled with gratitude for the great team of volunteers who have been so very helpful to me over these past months. I ask the people of Olympia to work with me and other members of the City Council as we move forward in uncertain times to bring our city to a new and brighter place where all concerns are addressed, opportunities seized, and energy harnessed, to create a better future.

A Message From Nathaniel

October 28, 2011

Our campaign for Olympia City Council is going strong. Volunteers are out in the streets spreading the word, and the campaign committee continues to operate efficiently and beyond all of my expectations.

Many have expressed concern with The Olympian’s recent endorsement of my opponent. While I am disappointed by the newspaper’s erroneous characterization of the Jones campaign, I am not surprised by their action.

The Olympian has a poor track record with Olympia City Council races.  In the last election, every Olympian-endorsed candidate failed at the polls.  Over the years, The Olympian has repeatedly been on the wrong side of the ballot, and Olympia’s voters have not shared the newspaper’s agenda.  We cannot allow The Olympian’s editorial board to influence the outcome of this election.

This race continues to be the most competitive on the ballot, and it is impossible to predict the winner.  Many have already cast their votes – most have not.  There is still time to reach critical, undecided voters.

I continue to knock on doors out in the neighborhoods every day, but I need your help. Our collective voice can reach so much farther. We have arrived at the deciding moment in this race.  Together, we can put this campaign over the top, and add thoughtful leadership and smart policy to our City Council.

We need a city council that can work together to meet the various challenges of our time.

If you’d like to help out, you can wave signs, write letters, send emails, call friends and family, or hosting voting parties at your home.

We are almost there!

Thank you,

Nathaniel Jones

Jones is a Listener and a Collaborator

Originally published October 26, 2011, The Olympian

Jana Wiley—Olympia

There is a new voice running for the Olympia City Council this fall – Nathaniel Jones. I have seen him at work with the state Department of General Administration, where he navigated difficult issues between contentious sides with more grace and tact than is generally ever seen in either state or local governments.

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Nathaniel Jones is a Good Listener

Originally published, October 19, 2011 The Olympian Online Extra.

Bob Thomas—Olympia

When Olympia City Council candidate Nathaniel Jones talks about why he is running, he makes a point about our community that is especially insightful.

Olympia, he says, is fortunate to have so many citizens who volunteer and take an active interest in public policy and the quality of life in our community. They work in our parks, clean up downtown, grow food for the Food Bank, sit long hours in advisory committee meetings, and engage in debate about what is best for the future of Olympia.

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Positive Campaigns

Nathaniel Jones and the Jones Campaign are committed to an open and public discussion of pertinent policy issues and to the presentation of Nathaniel and his opponent’s records truthfully.

Negative campaigns are directly related to decreasing participation rates among voters. We believe that positive electoral processes are the centerpiece of a civil society.

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Nathaniel Jones Will Work With Others

Originally published in The Olympian, October 21, 2011.

Peter Cutler—Olympia

I am writing in support of Nathaniel Jones’ campaign for the Olympia City Council.

I have lived and worked in Olympia for 28 years and had the opportunity to first meet Jones a few years ago. I have been impressed by his thoughtful, open-minded approach to discussing issues and to working with people. Jones has a positive attitude and a genuine willingness to look at issues from other persons’ perspectives. He would bring very valuable experience with state and local government operations to his council role, but his most valuable contribution would be his commitment to working constructively with others.

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A Message From Nathaniel

The Olympia City Council election is nearly upon us. Ballots will start hitting mailboxes today, and will be counted in less than 3 weeks.

This election is taking place in a time of transformation. This economy requires that we find new ways of working together. The Olympia City Council is also in transformation – a transformation that began two years ago, and is not yet finished.

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Do Your Homework Then Vote for Jones

Originally published October 13, 2011, The Olympian.

Sherri Goulet—Olympia

Ballots will be arriving on Oct. 20th, and we need the best possible people on the Olympia City Council. It is time to closely scrutinize the candidates so that we make the best possible choices. The voters’ pamphlet and the candidates’ websites are valuable tools to help voters determine candidates’ qualities and qualifications.

Nathaniel Jones is the best candidate for Position 3. He is a solid, stable and ethical person who has given to this community through his work, his church and his many volunteer activities. He is a thinker, a listener, a doer and a consensus-builder with wide-ranging practical experience getting people to agree on what needs doing.

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