Every one of our neighborhoods is unique. Each one has a story of its own; different people, history, geography, and different needs. Olympia’s neighborhoods also differ in their ability to successfully represent their interests to city government. In some, neighbors have pulled together to form effective and influential organizations, for others there is very little organization at all. Unfortunately, many of Olympia’s neighborhood organizations continue to represent missed potential. Our city will benefit from well-organized, well-supported neighborhoods.

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Jones Has Right Skills to be On Olympia Council

Originally published, October 8, 2011, The Olympian.

Molly Gibbs—Olympia

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Olympia City Council candidate Nathaniel Jones for several years through our church. There are two characteristics of many Jones would bring to the role of an Olympia councilmember I find timely, and critical to the function of the council itself.
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Supporting Local Businesses

State government is Olympia’s largest employer, yet private employment makes up about 65% of our workforce. These businesses are innovators and the creators of the next generation of products and services. They make a huge contribution to the economic, social, and cultural vitality our community.

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Olympia Police Will Benefit from Impartial Review

There has been concern within the Olympia community over possible police misconduct. One hundred protesters at a recent City Council meeting remind us of troubling accusations involving the OPD. Our public safety officers deserve a review system that can resolve such concerns and restore confidence that the police are acting in accord with community values. Chief Roberts and the city have a significant challenge to maintain public confidence in the force.

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Sales Tax Ballot Measure

My opponent recently proposed placing a sales tax measure on the ballot. We may indeed need new revenue to maintain basic services and address real challenges in Olympia, however the recent proposal was seriously flawed and needs to be rethought.

Like many cities, Olympia is facing revenue shortfalls while working hard to respond to the impacts of a gripping recession. The council and the community must bring forward a thoughtful response to the financial problem that is complete and inclusive. Unfortunately, the recent proposal was written without collaboration or meaningful public discussion. Without public support any tax measure will fail.

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Nathaniel Receives Big Endorsement from State Workers Union

The primary results are in and November’s mayoral race has taken shape.

  • Buxbaum garnered 45.43 percent of the vote,
  • Pust got 32.31 percent, and
  • Rogers had 22.25 percent.

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Jones is a Man Who Can Build Coalitions

Originally published, July 28, 2011, The Olympian.

Joseph Ford—Olympia

My wife and I will be voting for Nathaniel Jones for the Olympia City Council. Here’s why…

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Nathaniel Jones is a Good Choice for Olympia City Council

Originally published, June 1, 2011, The Olympian.

Robert L. Ahlschwede—Olympia

Nathaniel Jones has announced he is running for Olympia City Council. He will be a great council member who will not only listen to our community, but then act to use that input to help shape his decisions on issues.

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Building good relations with Olympia’s neighbors

The communities of Thurston County have a strong and proud tradition of cooperation and mutual support. I intend to build upon that tradition.

The LOTT Clean Water Alliance and Intercity Transit are two examples of where local communities found good ways to address shared needs though cooperation and collaboration. Each agency has a clearly defined mission, based on a set of shared values, and each agency is lead by representatives from member cities and towns.

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Nathaniel Jones to run for Olympia City Council

OLYMPIA – Nathaniel Jones announced today that he is running for Olympia City Council.

“Olympia is a special place, with a beautiful natural setting and citizens who want to be engaged with their community,” said Jones. “I want to serve my community by ensuring the public has a meaningful role in setting a clear course for the future.”

Jones said his priorities as a council member will be:

  • A safe and welcoming downtown for all
  • Supporting local small businesses
  • Strengthening our neighborhoods
  • Building good relations with Olympia’s neighbors

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